My First & Other Stories Beauty Haul

and other stories bath
Whenever I'm inward London I e'er construct an attempt to catch & other stories. I adore their cool vesture which looks as well as then dissimilar from anything else on the highstreet. The beauty division is likewise something especial with its simplistic packaging as well as affordable prices. I've been indulging inward a distich of bath as well as trunk products from the construct as well as allow me say y'all the experience was but as dreamy as the delightful packaging.

With prices starting from £4 at that topographic point actually is no argue non to attempt the & Other Stories beauty range. I've been testing out the trunk scrub as well as souffle from the Floral Memento collection. The odour is romantically described as "Dusty violets settling amongst bergamot trees as well as peony dreams...". Both products bring fragile floral notes amongst a low-cal musky scent. The make contains natural oils as well as waxes providing fantabulous moisturisation as well as leaving a gentle, cushiony feel. I dearest how the elementary packaging looks as well as then elegant inward my bathroom.

The trunk souffle has a soft pinkish tint as well as a gentle floral fragrance; fragile notes of violets as well as peonies inspire twenty-four lx minutes menses dreaming. Despite having a rich formula, the whipped trunk cream absorbs into peel rapidly as well as leaves it feeling soft as well as supple. The pretty floral odour lingers on peel throughout the day. The trunk scrub is every bit as exquisite. I prefer to role this on dry out peel concentrating on areas such as elbows as well as feet. Once the production comes into contact with H2O it turns into a creamy lotion, soothing the peel as well as leaving behind a fragile fragrant veil.

& Other Stories Body Scrub £7 as well as Body Souffle £10 

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